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TOPIC: bakfiets in Germany

Aw: bakfiets in Germany 20 Jan 2011 08:17 #3791

  • blokdoorn
A bikeshop in Amsterdam called WorkCycles might be of interest for you: www.workcycles.nl/ They are internationally oriented, the owner is from the US, and as you can see, their site is in three languages.

I would advise to try some options before spending quite a lot of money. You really must experience the difference between two-wheels and three-wheels before you can take a good decision.

Frequently, maxi-cosi's are used for baby's that cannot yet sit on their own. We have kids for eight years now, without ever driving a car. We use a 'Onderwater' tandem and a kidcar.
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Aw: bakfiets in Germany 19 Jan 2011 20:38 #3790

  • Motomarz

I think you can ask the local Christiania dealer
about fitting childseats into the bike.

If you like to have more to choose from:
Find some addresses of bakfiets dealers in The Netherlands, and come over to visit them.
I think the local bikeshop would be happy to
do the maintenance even if you don't buy at his place.


On the Dutch site of Christiania (www.christiania.nl/kindervervoer.shtml)
the Steco Baby-Mee is also posted.
So, the can be fitted into the bakfiets.
You need a adapter/baseplate to fit it,
but that should also be sold by the Christiania dealer.<br /><br />Bericht gewijzigd door: Motomarz, op: 2011/01/19 21:44
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bakfiets in Germany 19 Jan 2011 20:12 #3789

  • Christian
Dear all,

at first, sorry for my post in English, but I can only understand very little dutch.

My wife and I are expecting our first baby. As we do not have a car, we're thinking about buying a three-wheel bakfiets from Christiania (it's the only one available from a local dealer in Braunschweig, were we live). We made a test ride and are happy with what it provides.

What keeps us wondering is the way how to transport a baby until it can sit on the seat on its own. What can we do? I came about this mounting plate (www.fietsenbestel.nl/product/2/149-01595...cl-Montageplaat.html) but am not sure if it fits into the Christiania. Also, we're not sure if it's possible to mount a MaxiCosi (or similar) in a bike and transport a second child (which is planned in a few years time).

Does anyone have experiences with this arrangement? How do you transport babies in a bakfiets, especially a Christiania?

Thanks for your answers and greetings from Germany,

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